Our Philosophy

  • Benthic Macroinvertebrate Taxonomy

  • Biological Surveys and Assessments

  • Ecological Conservation Studies & Planning

  • Ecological Mitigation & Mitigation Bank Planning

  • Environmental Permitting

  • Hydrologic Determinations

  • ​​NEPA Studies and Compliance

  • Stream Assessments

  • Water Quality Assessments

  • Watershed Studies & Planning

  • Wetland Delineation

  • Wildlife Hazard Assessments & Management Plans

  • Wildlife Surveys, including Special Status Species

ECOS is a full service environmental consulting firm.

We have the technical capabilities and resources to assist our clients on projects that may include an environmental or natural resource component.

A summary of our standard services include:

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Our Services

The heart of the local economy is small business. As a Women-Owned Small Business, our company emphasizes excellence in client service and fiscal responsibility.  By combining this business ethic, and our technical expertise in environmental compliance and natural resource management, our company supports our local and regional economy while recognizing the environmental needs and resources of our region.

As local citizens, we have a vested interest in achieving the optimum balance of meeting the needs of the community while promoting natural resource sustainability and management. The human environment is the natural world around us and the communities we build within it – we are the stewards of this environment.